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Magento 2.x - Marketplace Install

Marketplace Install and Configuration of the InterPayments Plugin:

1 . Go to the Magento Admin Panel “URL”, enter your credentials and click on “Login”.

Magento 2 Admin

2 . Click on the “Stores” option at the left menu bar and select “configuration” and look for “InterPayments Surcharge” option.

Configuration 1

Configuration 2

Configuration 3

3 . Click on the “InterPayments Surcharge” option and set enabled to “Yes”.

4 . Set Request Mode to Development or Production depending on your use case

  1. For Test - Request Mode should be “Development”.
  2. For Production - Request Mode should be “Production”.

5 . Enter the InterPayments API and InterPayments Bearer token.

The API URL and InterPayments Token may be requested from InterPayments.

Now that the InterPayments plugin is enabled successfully in Magento, the InterPayments fee is displayed to the user during the checkout process.

Test Site

Go to the InterPayments demo site “m2.interpayments.com” and experience the user checkout experience.

Transaction Fee

Cart Walkthrough:

InterPayments Fee

The checkout page will now display the Transaction Fee provided by InterPayments as a line item.