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Magento 2.x - Marketplace Purchase

Installing InterPayments from the Magento Marketplace:

1 . Login to the Marketplace

Magento Marketplace

2 . In the “Search for products,categories,..” text field, search for “InterPayments” and hit enter.

InterPayments Plugin on the Magento Marketplace

3 . Select InterPayments Surcharge “M1” or “M2” from the list.

M1 - Magento 1
M2 - Magento 2

4 . Select Version M1 or M2 and click “Add to Cart” option

5 . Select the shopping cart icon and “Proceed to Checkout”

“Proceed to Checkout”

6 . Enter Contact Information and click on “Place Order” button

“Place Order”

7 . At this point, you can install or download the plugin.