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InterPayments Chrome Extension

Installation Walkthrough:

1 . Go to chrome Webstore in the browser https://chrome.google.com/webstore/

Chrome Webstore

2 . In the “Search the store” text field, search for “InterPayments Extension” and hit enter.

3 . Add the InterPayments Extension by clicking on the “Add to Chrome” button.

Add to Chrome

4 . A popup will be displayed to confirm the request to add the InterPayments Extension. Click on “Add Extension” button.

Popup Window

5 . After adding the extension, look for the InterPayments Extension Icon on the address bar in browser.

InterPayments Icon

6 . Click on the Icon and you will be promoted to sign-in.

Extension Login

Login Access Information

1.In order to get the sign-in credentials, the user should register in the InterPayments Portal.
2.To register go to https://portal.interpayments.com/#/login)
3.After registration, a InterPayments representative will reach out to you to link a unique merchantID to your account.
4.Once the account is linked you will be able to see the Transaction fee at the time of checkout.

7 . Once you are successfully signed in, you can verify by clicking on the icon. You will see a message “Extension is active”.

After Login

8 . Now that the InterPayments Extension is added and active , the InterPayments Transaction Fee field is displayed at the time of checkout.

9 . After adding the extension , go to the test URL “https://demo.interpayments.com/chrome/" on the chrome browser.


10 . Use the sample data found at Test Transaction Data

Extension Displaying InterPayments Fee