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To demo the InterPayments API

The InterPayments Demo site is a simplified representation of an ecommerce checkout page. During the checkout process, when the three pieces of required information (amount, zip code, and card BIN number) are available, the site will call the InterPayments surcharging solution to determine if the transaction can be surcharged and if can be then it determins and returns the correct surcharge amount. The surcharge amount is added to the transaction total and the total amount is then sent to the payment processor.

  1. InterPayments demo site https://demo.interpayments.com/


  2. Add the first 6 digits of a credit card number and select a state or zip code.

  3. The amount for the “Card Transaction Fee” is updated under the order details. demosite

  4. Verify by changing the state to a nonchargeable/chargeable state, the Transaction Fee is updated to “$0.00” if the state is nonchargeable.

These states currently do not allow surcharging
StateState AbbreviationSample Zip Code
US IslandsGuam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, US Outlying islands96910